A while ago we wrote about the Burberry outlet in Hackney, London. We went there for the first time and have to admit that we got really lucky with our finds! Today we want to show you what we got and most important to tell you how much we spend. I (Sabinna) bought a suit (imagine how happy I was, I absolutely love suits and it’s so hard to find the perfect one) and payed £29 for it, instead of £695! The price was so convincing that I even ignored the fact that it wasn’t my size. So if you go there, make sure to try on everything, as the sizes vary a lot. I am a UK 8 and the suit is a UK 12, but it suits me perfectly, seriously, I have the felling it was made for me! :) David found this gorgeous jacket, that is a must have for the typical London weather. Strong wind and rain isn’t a problem at all when you are wearing that beautiful dark blue piece. The first price for this jacket was £2,000 (insane!!) and it turned out that it was a show piece. The outlet price was £150, which is a very appropriate price for a jacket with this cut and perfect detailing. The burberry outlet is full of stuff, most of it is still too expensive and it’s hard to find your size, but it’s definitely worth checking it out, as you might be as lucky as we were. :)
Sabinna is wearing:
suit_Burberry; shoes and glasses_Prada; t-shirt_Uniqlo; bag_Vagabond; lipstick_MAC (colour Diva)
David is wearing: 
jacket_Burberry; jeans_April 77; shoes_Marvin&Co
x and love from the ‘broken-cookies planet’.


Comments ( 5 )
  • Janet Taylor says:

    Perfect and definitely lucky finds!

  • Sabrina says:

    I wouldn´t care if it´s my size either, if I could get it for that price! Lucky you :)

  • Phil says:

    How very nice Outfits :)

  • rtwhgdwljs8 says:

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