As you all know Sabinna has a little blonde part in her hair and loves to experiment with it. As it can be very annoying to dye your hair all the time and damage it, we thought about a possibility of having some colour and keeping the hair safe. We came up with the idea of hair-earrings and decided to share a little DIY with you.

You need:
1. Fake hair in the colour of your choice (these are from H&M)
2. Wire
3. Pinch pearls
4. Pliers
5. Earrings
6. Little scissors
First you need to get rid of the clip that is usually attached to the fake hair. Be careful not to damage the hair!
Then fold 2 wisps of hair into each other. You can also use only one wisp for each earring, if it has enough volume.
Now it’s time to pull a little piece of wire through the fake hair and pull it properly, so the hair stays together. To secure the wire, wrap around itself a few times.
After you wrapped the wire around the wisps you need to put a pinch pearl on it. Now add the earring itself and pull the thread another time trough the pinch pearl, this time you are coming from another direction. 
Use the pliers to squeeze the pinch pearl and cut the rest of the wire.
This is how the outcome looks!
Sabinna prefers to wear it with a knitted bonnet, hiding her natural hair. With your hair down, make sure the fake hair has the same length as your own. Which look do you prefer?
x and love from the ‘broken-cookies planet’.
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