After the visit at Louis Vuitton, Sabinna went to see the Amaya Arzuaga fashion show. We must admit that the queuing system was more than horrible – nothing happened on time, people were pushing each other towards the doors and the walls and everyone was screaming around for no reason. We really hope that the organiser learned from their mistakes and that something like this will not happen again.
Inbetween all the fashion madness we also managed to visit Les arts decortifs to see the amazing exhibition “Goudemalion“. If some of you plan to go to Paris soon, you should definitely check out this exhibition, we are sure you will love it!
Now we are back in England, enough of fashion weeks for a while, even though it was awesome, we hope you enjoy the photos! Click HERE if you want to see all the Fashion Shows we attended in the last few months.

1.-3. On the way to the show.
4.-8. Amaya Arzuaga Fashion Show.
9. Sabinna enjoying Paris.
10.+11. The Goudemalion exhibition.

Sabinna is wearing:
 dress and jacket_Topshop; necklace_Topshop Unique; bag_Issey Miyake; shoes_Asos
Photos taken with:
Pentax k-r

x and love from the ‘broken-cookies planet’.

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